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Sjoerd Kalisvaart


Sjoerd Kalisvaart specialises in (regulatory) energy law. His advisory and litigatory practice is focused on energy law and regulation and energy contracts and projects in a broad sense. Among his clients are public and private entities in every link of the energy chain.

Sjoerd has a Bachelor's degree in Notarial Law from the University of Groningen. He also has a Masters' degree in Energy and Climate Law, as well as a Masters' degree in Legal Research (cum laude). During his studies, Sjoerd was a research assistant for several professors, which also resulted in several publications in the field of energy law and European law. In addition, Sjoerd worked as a legal advisor at the Dutch Mining Authority.

Sjoerd is a member of the Dutch Energy Law Association (NeVER) and regularly publishes in scientific and professional journals. Sjoerd is connected to the University of Groningen as an (external) PhD-candidate, where he researches consumer protection within the energy transition.