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Pels Rijcken has one of the largest teams of employment lawyers in the Netherlands. They assist private and public employers, such as (listed) companies, NGOs, ministries, large municipalities, independent administrative bodies and regulatory authorities. The employment lawyers have extensive knowledge of and experience in fields including: dismissals, discrimination, integrity, fraud, co-determination, whistle-blowers, social security, employer liability, strikes, reorganisations, acquisitions, the legal status of the director under the articles of association and flexible employment relationships.

Employment law attorneys team

The team is regularly called in by directors and legal and HR professionals to prevent or solve problems in the field of employment law. Pels Rijcken's employment law team combines excellent knowledge in the field of employment law with a keen awareness of political and administrative law issues. Our attorneys look beyond the law, discuss options with clients, and come up with a solution.

Employment Law Blog

Pels Rijcken's employment law attorneys share their employment law expertise on the Employment Law Blog (in Dutch). On this site, they identify and comment on changes in employment laws and regulations as well as court decisions.


  • "The team stands out compared to others due to its highly skilled individuals, excellent knowledge and quick responses." - The Legal 500, 2024
  • "Pragmatic and very practical, with in-depth knowledge of the client’s needs and understanding of different aspects of the types of work within the company. Easily able to communicate at different levels, which makes them very easy to work with." - The Legal 500, 2024
  • "The Pels Rijcken team is very approachable. They have attention to detail and great analytical skill." - Chambers Europe, 2024
  • "Pels Rijcken's speciality is handling complex matters." - Chambers Europe, 2024
  • "Pels Rijcken knows its customers and clients very well. They know what to ask and what to deliver." - Chambers Europe, 2023
  • "They're skilled professionals who know when to listen and when to intervene." - Chambers Europe, 2023
  • "Highly accessible and talented legal champs and excellent support staff. Great empathy for clients in complex matters in an even more complex environment. Accurate and timely in terms of their legal advice and representation in proceedings, with an awareness of the position of our organisation in society." - The Legal 500, 2023
  • "Pels Rijcken has lawyers who are not only more than up to the job, but also are able to take into account internal company matters that are relevant from a legal standpoint. Therefore, the individual lawyers are able to assist in and resolve legal issues in a way other firms can’t." - The Legal 500, 2023
  • "Very professional, customer-friendly, proactive, and come up with sharp analysis and creative solutions for legal problems." - The Legal 500, 2023