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Integrity in the Workplace

Integrity is a hot topic for both the private sector and the public sector employer. This involves the trust in your organisation. Your organisation no doubt also regularly encounters integrity issues. Integrity does not only concern choosing the appropriate way to act; for example, transparency, supervision, whistle blowing and crisis communication are also important aspects of this theme.

Integrity within your organisation

What does integrity mean within your organisation? When is one of your employees guilty of acting without integrity and what consequences for the legal status of this employee can be linked to this? What policy can your organisation pursue with regard to the use of Facebook and LinkedIn for example, both in the workplace and outside, at a time when social media cannot be disregarded? The expert team for integrity in the workplace would be happy to help you with these kinds of questions.

In addition, we also provide advice about drawing up integrity rules and compliance rules, documenting these rules, involving the works council in this process, dealing with complaints and managing dismissal processes.