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Supervision and Regulation

The Netherlands has many different supervisory and regulatory authorities that are distinguished by the markets and the legislation they supervise. The enforcement they provide is directed at enterprises, professional practitioners and individuals.

The one quality regulatory authorities share is the fact that they are independent. Their actions ensure that society as a whole maintains confidence in the markets and the professional practitioners under their supervision. Regulatory authorities must therefore not only strictly enforce the rules, but also weigh up often conflicting interests.

Pels Rijcken's supervision and regulation specialists feel very much at home in this field of forces. They are familiar with the tasks and powers of the regulatory authorities, and know the sphere and restraints within which they must operate. Moreover, our specialists understand better than anyone else the political and social context in which decision-making must take place. They advise regulatory authorities in taking often complex decisions and help them think about developments and subjects such as the digitisation of supervision and information exchange. When it comes to litigation, Pels Rijcken's knowledge and experience are a decisive factor.