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Sikke Kingma

Attorney-at-law • Partner

Sikke Kingma has been with Pels Rijcken since 2006. He is a highly experienced Supreme Court litigator with more than 150 judgments to his credit. With his background as an all-round civil lawyer, he runs a broad Supreme Court practice for companies and public authorities. His proceedings often involve IP, insolvency law, property law or procedural law, but also contract law, company law and other civil law topics. Sikke is often sought out by lawyers from other offices to conduct Supreme Court proceedings, pre-judicial proceedings or to provide input in appeal proceedings. Sikke is also a specialised litigator and adviser in matters involving IP and media law. He litigates and regularly advises on subjects such as copyright and trademark law and (in Supreme Court appeal) patent law and trade secrets. In addition, Sikke represents clients in disputes about the legality of publications and statements on the Internet or in other media.

Sikke received master’s degrees in both Dutch Civil Law and Chemistry from Leiden University, graduating cum laude in both programmes. He is a member of the Association of Civil Cassation Lawyers (VCCA) and the specialist association of IP lawyers (VIEPA). Sikke is deputy justice in the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal. He teaches, publishes regularly and is editor of the professional journal Mediaforum and principal editor of Cassatieblog, the weblog about civil cassation case law in the Netherlands.


  • "Sikke Kingma is one of the leading Dutch Supreme Court litigators in general, but also specifically renowned for his broad IP knowledge." - The Legal 500, 2024
  • "Sikke Kingma is a reliable and professional lawyer. He has excellent writing skills but also verbal. His knowledge of IP is perfect, but he is also good in strategic and/or commercial matters." - The Legal 500, 2024
  • Ranked in Chambers Europe 2024 
  • Ranked for Intellectual Property: General - Mostly Trade Mark/Copyright. - Chambers Global, 2024
  • "Sikke Kingma is one of the most intelligent Supreme Court lawyers in this field." - Chambers Europe, 2023
  • "I am really happy if I get a chance to work with him because he is a great lawyer and nice guy." - Chambers Europe, 2023
  • "Sikke Kingma is a very sharp thinker and, in my view, one of the best cassation lawyers in the Netherlands. He is also very approachable and therefore pleasant to work with" - The Legal 500, 2023
  • "Sikke Kingma is an excellent lawyer. He is also a great and fun person to work with." - The Legal 500, 2023
  • "Sikke Kingma has a very good reputation for media and entertainment cases, especially Supreme Court cassations." - The Legal 500, 2023
  • "Sikke Kingma is known for his Supreme Court pedigree, representing high-profile clients in disputes pertaining to the lawfulness of publications and statements on the internet or in other media, particularly where unfounded accusations or infringements of privacy are concerned" - The Legal 500, 2023
  • "Sikke Kingma is extremely competent on all issues regarding intellectual property." - The Legal 500, 2023