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Environmental protection is key in planning and the granting of permits. Environmental law covers a wide range of topics, such as air quality, noise, soil, water and external safety. These aspects often play a major role in proceedings regarding environment plans, integrated environmental permits and enforcement. Moreover, the relevant laws, regulations and case law are changing all the time. Environmental law is complex and to a large extent formed by regulations under European law.

Our specialists are familiar with the latest developments and will gladly advise you.

Environmental zoning

The Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) takes flexible planning and organic area development as its premise. An important point of attention in this respect is the way in which business activities and other functions, such as housing, relate to each other. This must be taken into account when drawing up environment plans and granting integrated environmental permits. It is essential that careful consideration is given to the way in which municipalities leave enough room for desired spatial developments, such as housebuilding, while preventing companies from having to limit their business activities and preventing nuisance from business activities as much as possible. Our specialists have extensive experience in advising and litigating on environmental zoning in spatial plans.

Industrial emissions into the air

An important aspect in environmental law, which has seen strong development in recent years, concerns the setting of conditions for industrial emissions into the air. Emissions are largely regulated by European regulations, such as the Industrial Emissions Directive, BREF documents and BAT conclusions. In the light of initiatives like the Clean Air Accord, which also aims to achieve reduced industrial emissions into the air, air emission standards are becoming more stringent in practice. The environmental and planning law team is constantly updating its knowledge of the latest developments and possibilities ensuing from laws and regulations with regard to the introduction and/or amendment of permit regulations regarding such emissions.

Tailor-made approach to regulating environmentally harmful activities

Under the Environment and Planning Act, environmentally harmful activities are (mainly) regulated in the Living Environment (Activities) Decree (Besluit Activiteiten Leefomgeving, or ‘Bal’). Bal offers ample, but not unlimited, possibilities for a tailor-made approach. Naturally, we will gladly advise you on the possibilities offered by the laws and regulations to tailor specific activities that are harmful to the environment.