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Constitutional law concerns the structure of the different bodies of the government and the relationships between public authorities. Traditional, administrative relationships are being progressively juridified, especially with regard to the relationship between administrators and the people's representation.

Issues related to public access, transparency, integrity and accountability play a significant role in this respect. Mergers between municipalities, other forms of intergovernmental cooperation and the transfer of tasks performed by the central government to local authorities are becoming increasingly common which raises many legal questions; for example regarding administrative supervision. This requires thorough legal support, a sensitivity to relationships and a knowledge of the interests of the stakeholders.

Pels Rijcken has extensive knowledge about the political and administrative climate and its legal context. The lawyers are sensitive to constitutional relationships between, for example, the Municipal Executive and the municipal council, or the House of Representatives and the cabinet. Drawing on their experience, these specialists are able to make good predictions about the legal and political consequences of decisions and the corresponding aspects of government communication.

Pels Rijcken knows the instruments for this area of law and knows which instrument to use and when to use it. The firm distinguishes itself from others in this respect. Many constitutional rules are not laid down, but are based on practice and custom. The fact that the lawyers of Pels Rijcken also know these unwritten rules of play through and through makes them eminently suited for providing assistance in constitutional matters.