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Dike Reinforcement Projects

The Netherlands' relationship with water is inseparable due to a significant portion of our country lying below sea level. Dikes, dunes, and embankments serve as our vital defence against high water levels. The water authorities, among others, play an important role in this, as they manage and maintain these flood defences, among other things, This responsibility is challenging, particularly with the demands of the High Water Protection Programme (HWPP), which mandates numerous measures. In the upcoming years, water authorities face the immense task of ensuring the resilience of existing flood defences.

Complex dike improvement projects also present opportunities

With evolving technology, there are increasingly diverse methods available for enhancing dikes. However, choosing the most suitable approach requires careful evaluation and consideration. Additionally, dike reinforcement projects are often integrated with other desired (local) spatial developments. Local residents, businesses, and stakeholders play a crucial role and are closely involved in the decision-making process. This participatory approach is fundamental, especially under the Environment and Planning Act. While stakeholders seek certainty, executing parties aim for flexibility. The combination of new safety standards, limited budgets and strict schedules adds complexity to water authorities’ tasks. Moreover, dikes are often located near or adjacent to (nitrogen-sensitive) Natura 2000 areas, posing risks but also offering opportunities for creating sustainable and resilient environments.

Legal impact of choices and alternatives

Ensuring the future resilience of flood defences in this complex landscape requires innovation and creative problem-solving. It requires solution-oriented and pragmatic partners with a broad perspective, understanding the core issues and having a grasp of the administrative and political context, including legally. Collaborating with a partner experienced in extensive water projects, capable of managing multiple aspects simultaneously and sensitive to associated complexities, is invaluable. A partner who maintains oversight and understands the legal ramifications of various scenarios. Our team regularly engages in these large and complex water projects, often serving as the project's legal compass to ensure alignment, possibly even before the courts.

Prevent unnecessary hurdles

Are you embarking on a plan exploration or tendering procedure? Or are you about to make a crucial decision in an ongoing water project? Do you want to ensure that your project doesn't stumble over a legal hurdle unnecessarily? We're here to assist you in evaluating your plan documents, land acquisition issues, tender documentation and contracts, and we're keen to help you out at a strategic level. If you want to discuss (a part of) your project with us or have questions about the Omgevingswet and the new instrument of the project decision, please don't hesitate to contact us. We have contributed to the following water projects:

  • Markermeerdijken reinforcement project plan;
  • Gorinchem-Waardenburg (GoWa) dike reinforcement project plan;
  • Wolferen-Sprok (Wos) dike reinforcement project plan;
  • Tiel-Waardenburg (TiWa) dike reinforcement project plan;
  • Zwolle city dike project plan;
  • Grensmaas vegetation management;
  • Roggebot lock removal;
  • T6 Noord (South Holland) waterway embankment replacement;
  • Texel Wadden Sea dike reinforcement;
  • Weak Links North Holland;
  • IJsseldelta-Zuid high water channel and area development.