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Digital transformation: more than 30 laws, pending bills and projects...

When it comes to digital transformation within the Dutch government, a total of more than 30 laws, pending bills and projects play a role. The information management of public authorities and corporations can only be efficient, effective and sustainable when all these laws, bills and projects are considered and applied in a manner that is integrated and multidisciplinary. To give you initial insight into this topic, we have provided a non-exhaustive overview below. Additions to this overview will be made on a rolling basis because of ongoing developments in technology.

Communication with citizens (in Dutch)

Communication with other public authorities (in Dutch)

Communication with citizens as well as other public authorities (in Dutch)

Making general information accessible to citizens (open and helpful government) (in Dutch)

Identification / login (technical requirements for digitalisation) (in Dutch)

Public authorities up-to-date (infrastructure) (in Dutch)

Privacy (in Dutch)