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Financial Institutions and Markets

Financial companies are facing challenging times. The business model of many banks, insurers, pension funds and investment institutions are under pressure. Technological developments follow one another in rapid succession and the regulatory pressure is growing strongly. Furthermore, few other private sectors are subject to public scrutiny to the same extent.

Pels Rijcken knows better than other firms what is involved in being the legal partner of organisations that are in the public eye. Pels Rijcken knows the financial sector and financial law. Pels Rijcken not only deploys its expertise as the regular lawyer of AFM and DNB, but also for a growing number of market players including banks and insurers. These market players choose Pels Rijcken because of our expertise and customer-oriented approach and because of our unique sensitivity when it comes to advising companies that are exposed to social forces. Our versatile multidisciplinary team enables us to assist our clients in the following areas:

Providing advice

  • Liability (duty of care, financial products, prospectus, administrators)
  • Digitisation, data usage, privacy
  • Compliance, integrity and governance
  • Recovery, restructuring and insolvency


  • Solid reputation as a litigation firm
  • Impressive track record in Supreme Court litigation for financial institutions
  • Extensive experience with class actions for banks and insurers

Legal strategy sparring partner

  • Involved in all the important developments in the financial sector
  • Broad experience with social forces, supervision, reputational risks and business ethics