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Urban and Area Development

Encouraging housing construction, revitalising industrial estates and establishing educational and cultural centres: these are all plans that are conceived at the drawing board but require translation into formal decisions. They often involve conflicting interests. The success of such initiatives not only profoundly impacts municipal politics or the initiator but also significantly affects the local community. Pels Rijcken's environmental law specialists handle urban and area development daily, and can aid you in swiftly realising projects with minimal legal hurdles.

Urban and area development in legal practice

To ensure project success, attention to every detail is vital. The formulation and substantiation of proposals for amending environmental plans or obtaining environmental permits must be meticulous. Leveraging their expertise and extensive experience in urban and area development, our lawyers are well-versed in identifying pitfalls, with finely tuned political and administrative acumen. Common considerations in urban and area development include:

  • EIA;
  • air quality and odour;
  • traffic and parking;
  • noise;
  • sunlight exposure and wind nuisance;
  • nature/flora and fauna;
  • water;
  • land exploitation/anterior agreement.

Furthermore, our Environmental Law team collaborates closely with colleagues specialising in other sectors, including state aid and procurement law, as well as real estate law (covering issues such as homeowners' associations, property purchases, rentals, land lease, etc.). This multidisciplinary approach enables Pels Rijcken to provide comprehensive guidance in both the depth and breadth of urban and area developments.

Area development projects

Pels Rijcken has contributed to numerous area development projects, including:

  • the LEAD Project in Leiden (involving zoning plans and environmental permits
  • in a coordinated procedure);
  • development of Hamerkwartier Amsterdam;
  • development of Zuidas Amsterdam;
  • development of Post Coolsingel Rotterdam;
  • Feyenoord City Area Development.

Additionally, the team has amassed valuable experience in area developments facilitated by zoning plans with extended scope under the Crisis and Recovery Act, such as:

  • the redevelopment of the Hembrugterrein site in Zaanstad;
  • the redevelopment of the Binckhorst in The Hague.