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Real estate constitutes an important part of the assets of companies, governments and private individuals. The stakes are large and require a multidisciplinary approach on the part of attorneys, who are well aware of the stakes and risks that are at play - and who can skilfully handle cases, know how to act quickly and have experience in various real estate areas. Pels Rijcken has a team of real estate specialists who speak the sector's language and know what's going on.

The attorneys of the Real Estate section consult on issues, transactions and disputes regarding area development, ownership and utilisation of real estate, structured sales processes of real estate, public private cooperation, financing of real estate and joint cooperative ventures. The attorneys of the Real Estate section also have an extensive track record in real estate dispute litigation.

The following tasks are among their 'core business':

  • sale, purchase and delivery of real estate;
  • rental of real estate;
  • function change, utilisation and management of real estate;
  • due diligence work;
  • help with project development and area development;
  • hereditary lease and building rights and other business rights;
  • apartment rights;
  • home owners association disputes;
  • eviction and anti-squatting.

The attorneys of the Real Estate practice area have long-standing experience in all sectors where real estate is a relevant factor, for both commercial parties as well as governments. For example, the real estate team was recently involved in cases concerning urban development, the separation of the health care and living functions of assisted living facilities, the housing of educational institutions and innovative developments in real estate areas in the energy sector. The team was also involved in large-scale restructuring of housing corporations and their real estate and in disposal and marketing of surplus real estate.

Economic circumstances and regulations change quickly. Pels Rijcken's real estate specialists follow these developments closely and, thanks to their exceptional knowledge of the public sector, are able to provide advice about changes in legal real estate land like no other.

Our clients include the State, medium-sized and smaller municipalities and provinces such as North Holland and Utrecht, large companies including Esso and KPN, project developers such as AM and Multi Vastgoed.


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