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Public Administration Probity Screening Act

The Dutch Public Administration Probity Screening Act or Bibob is an indispensable tool in the fight against subversive crime. The screening of only the traditionally vulnerable sectors (such as the hospitality business, coffeeshops and prostitution) is now a thing of the past, as more and more sectors turn out to be sensitive to criminal influences. There is a risk of the authorities unintentionally facilitating crime and money laundering schemes. It will not come as a surprise that the number of Bibob investigations performed as part of the procedure for granting integrated environmental permits and subsidies as well as property transactions and public procurement is growing.

Our Bibob team

Pels Rijcken’s Bibob specialist team has many years of experience with every application of Bibob conceivable. We can discuss the best ways to shape your Bibob policy. When is there reason to ask for Bibob advice? What can you achieve with your own investigation? What information can be shared? Together with you, we will assess and weigh the outcome of the investigation, either yours or ours, to see what options are available to structurally monitor criminal influences by setting requirements. And if the use of Bibob tools leads to a lawsuit, we will assist you in court.

The legislature is now working to provide more options to carry out your own investigation and to share information, allowing you to use Bibob even more frequently, efficiently and effectively. This will benefit not just the various departments of your municipality or province; the clampdown on subversive crime calls for effective collaboration with other authorities and partnerships such as Regional Information and Expertise Centres (RIECs). Information-sharing is crucial.

Collaboration and information-sharing may raise questions, for instance about data protection and the delineation of administrative measures in relation to the powers in the criminal justice system. The Bibob team is closely attuned to these sensitivities and follows developments closely.