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Parking as an instrument to steer towards the desired spatial development? A possible showstopper for construction projects or (re)developments? Necessary input for zoning plans and for obtaining a building permit? Parking standards must be regulated via the zoning plan. Parking is increasingly a topic of interest to aldermen, policy-makers, programme managers, project leaders, lawyers and traffic experts.

Diligent use of space

The legal establishment of parking standards in a zoning plan, proper conduct of parking research, the question of whether parking should be on one's own premises or may be shifted to the public space and the possibility of making a financial contribution to a parking fund/mobility fund. These are all issues that traffic experts and lawyers need to deal with in order to ensure that plans go ahead and that space is used diligently.


We speak the language of both developer and government and, more importantly, we speak the language of traffic and parking experts. With our expertise and experience we are able to help you come up with a customised solution, which is adequately secured by law.