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Using parking as a tool to guide desired spatial development can sometimes pose challenges for construction projects or (re)developments and is crucial for environmental plans and obtaining necessary permits. The topic of parking, regulated through environmental plans, is increasingly occupying the attention of mayors, policy officers, programme managers, project leaders, lawyers and traffic engineers.

Careful spatial management

Legally defining parking standards in environmental plans, conducting thorough parking studies, determining whether parking should be on-site or shifted to public spaces and the option of contributing to a parking fund/mobility fund are all considerations for traffic engineers and lawyers. Ensuring plans can proceed smoothly while maintaining careful use of space is paramount.

Tailored solutions

We speak the language of both developers and government officials, but more importantly, we are familiar with the world of traffic and parking experts. With our expertise and experience, we are able to consider tailored solutions for every project, which are adequately secured legally.

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Daniëlle Roelands-Fransen and Jim Zweers are specialists in Environmental Law, (inner-city) redevelopment and environmental plans. They are constantly dealing with parking-related issues. Additionally, they teach and publish extensively on parking as an independent issue within the environmental law domain.