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Whether it's about clearing forests or constructing highways, nature conservation is paramount in the Netherlands. Currently, nitrogen deposition is a significant concern. Nitrogen deposition related to the protected Natura 2000 areas is a crucial aspect considered in area development, environmental planning and the granting or refusal of environmental permits.

Pels Rijcken's nature expertise team is deeply involved in all matters related to nature conservation law. This includes handling requests for enforcement, revocation of nature permits and notifications of activities, as well as permit procedures and the establishment of zoning plans/environmental plans leading to nitrogen deposition. For instance, we litigated the relationship between preliminary assessments and appropriate assessments in the Porthos project. We addressed external offsetting and the additionality requirement in the East Langstraat Area Development (Gebiedsontwikkeling Oostelijke Langstraat, GOL). In the Amercentrale/Rendac case, we tackled internal offsetting. In the ViA15 Route Decision, we litigated the maximum calculation threshold of the Aerius Calculator. Additionally, we assisted multiple provinces in enforcement cases regarding livestock grazing and land fertilisation. We're also involved in issues concerning red deer population management in the Oostvaardersplassen and the return of the wolf to the Netherlands.

Legal advice for nature projects

Our nature team's lawyers specialise in all aspects of nature legislation and can assist you with legal advice on area protection, species protection, policy rules for nature compensation, population management and forest conservation. We'll help you navigate diverse and complex issues, assess (justifications for) decisions, respond to viewpoints and, if necessary, represent you in court proceedings or before the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State. How do you shape plans to minimise opposition and successfully achieve your objectives? If desired, the team can join in the design phase of nature projects to ensure that your project is ‘Council-of-State-proof’. Our environmental law attorneys have the capacity to advise and provide feedback on very short notice.

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