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Liability, Damage and Insurance

Who is liable? For what damage? And is this damage insured? These are questions that the attorneys of Pels Rijcken’s Liability, Damage and Insurance (LDI) team are able to answer accurately and efficiently.

The team was involved in the settlement of various large claims, such as the one regarding the fireworks catastrophe in Enschede, the airplane crash in Tripoli, the fire at Chemie-Pack Moerdijk and the electricity power failure in Bommelerwaard. Other examples are the settlement of asbestos claims, the evacuation of the sunken ship 'Baltic Ace', damage due to refused permits or lack or supervision and, of course, issues of professional liability, medical liability, traffic liability and employer liability. Insurance law is an integral part of our practice.

The LDI team has expertise in the area of compensation law. For instance, establishing the value of future damage claims against the Weighted Average Cost of Capital is common practice. The team also works together with renowned economic advisers.

Pels Rijcken primarily works for governments, insurance companies and other corporate clients. Our attorneys are focused on creating added value for their clients. This means that issues are resolved as much as possible in negotiations, and that even though litigation is something that Pels Rijcken excels in, it should be considered as a last resort only.