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Law Enforcement and Criminal Law

The media and society monitor the government closely when the government takes action, but also when it shows restraint. Pels Rijcken's specialists in law enforcement and criminal law are aware of this. They have particular expertise and experience in the nexus of criminal law, civil law and administrative law.

Pels Rijcken advises and litigates on compensation for damage after criminal law enforcement, attachment and confiscation under criminal law, international legal assistance, data exchange, the ECHR and the enforcement of punishments and measures.

Our regular clients include the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, the Public Prosecution Service, the Custodial Institutions Agency, the Central Fine Collection Agency and the Child Protection Board.

In 2018, a collaboration was entered into with Marianne Hirsch Ballin, a former colleague and now Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law at VU Amsterdam.