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Nevertheless, many public authorities are cautious about making the transition to the cloud. They wrestle with questions such as:

  • Is a transition to the cloud really safe?
  • Will I always have access to important data and applications?
  • May my data be stored in data centres outside of the Netherlands?
  • Does the storage of personal data in the cloud comply with privacy law?
  • Are there other laws which a public authority must take into account?
  • Which SaaS services may a public authority use (We Transfer, Dropbox etcetera)?

Is data management in the cloud legally possible?

Pels Rijcken assists public authorities in making the transition to the cloud. We believe that a move to the cloud is possible provided that the legislation and regulations are dealt with correctly in the contracting and structuring. Due to the special legal framework that applies to public authorities, this is a complex matter.

Cloud Compliance Scan

In order to assist public authorities with this legal issue, Pels Rijcken has developed the Cloud Compliance Scan. We carry out an analysis of the data and applications that you wish to transfer to the cloud and we check these against the legislation and regulations that are applicable. Examples include:

  • the Personal Data Protection Act
  • the General Data Protection Regulation
  • the Reuse of Public Sector Information Act
  • the Public Records Act

We deliver a practical and usable advice which ensures that you know precisely under what conditions the data and applications may be placed in the cloud. Based on this analysis, the technical feasibility can be determined and you will know immediately what the starting point is of your cloud roadmap.

Are you interested?

Would you like to know how Pels Rijcken can make your transition to the cloud legally possible? You can contact Jeroen Naves without any obligation. Of course you can also look at our page about digital transformation in general.