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Changes in the Dutch education system are increasing more than ever before and the wide range of legal fields involved in this sector is undergoing concomitant changes. The major social changes that are taking place are resulting in increasing demands being made on educational institutions and their agencies.

This is true not only where the quality of education is concerned, but also with regard to the transparency, responsibility and governance of the educational institutions. Although appearances may suggest otherwise, the number of rules applicable in the sector is currently being reduced.

Despite the importance of the changing regulations, the focus must remain fixed on the most essential aspect of the sector which is educating students, preparing them for the future and, in the case of institutions of higher learning, conducting principled scientific research.

The attorneys of Pels Rijcken's Education sector closely follow all current developments. Apart from being intimately involved in the introduction of new legislation, they also actively contribute to the applicable case-law within the education sector through the cases that they handle. They are acquainted with the sector at all levels; primary, secondary and vocational education levels as well as higher education and scientific education levels. Furthermore, they are involved with various facets of the education field, not only in their capacity as legal advisors, but also in some cases as parents and administrators.

The attorneys of Pels Rijcken combine their knowledge of the education sector with their practical experience within the various relevant fields of law in order to provide advice to both public and private clients in this sector.

The education sector requires knowledge which is wide (covering several fields of law) as well as in-depth (specifically applied to education). Without this knowledge of the sector and experience with the relevant legislation, the risk of encountering problems is very real. One example is the transfer of real estate within the education sector - a common phenomenon, the regulation of which is familiar to many. But specific regulations applying to educational real estate may not be ignored and if they are incorrectly applied, this can result in decisions being declared null and void.

This also applies to the area of labour law and the right of co-determination within education whereby employees, students and parents all have their own individual position, rights and approval rights. The attorneys of Pels Rijcken have mastered the subtleties of the complicated co-determination structure and have the necessary experience within the sector. They are also able to promptly point out pertinent developments in other relevant sectors such as health care and general civil service law. Sensitive issues are often at stake because by its very nature, education is essentially all about the work of the people involved.

Pels Rijcken is expert when it comes to articles of association, and the law on foundations, associations and governance in this sector. Private and public law are often both applicable at the same time but Pels Rijcken's specialists are completely accustomed to this complicated playing field so it is not surprising that they are engaged in assisting the various educational institutions, umbrella organisations and other parties in the sector. The attorneys and notaries of Pels Rijcken's Education sector speak the same language as the stakeholders and do not shy away from the complexity of the issues which arise in this field of public law.