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Meine Dijkstra

Attorney-at-law • Partner

Meine Dijkstra has been with Pels Rijcken since 1986. Both as an adviser and as a litigator, he has broad experience in telecommunications, IT and data analytics. Meine negotiates ICT projects, draws up the necessary contracts and handles ICT disputes. He has supported IT projects e.g. of the National Police, the National Archives, several departments of the State of the Netherlandss (e.g. of Home Affairs, of Justice and Security, of Defence, of Finance) Provinces, cities and municipalities (e.g. the Provinces of Limburg, of North-Holland and of South-Holland, the cities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, ad The Hague, health insurance companies, healthcare providers, and market authorities. As a data expert, Meine is closely involved in the issues of sensor data, data spaces and data chains. He also chairs the Innovation, Privacy & Technology (IP&T) department whose members support clients’ technological innovations, including the application of artificial intelligence, blockchain and smart contracts, sensor data, smart cities, and regulatory technology (RegTech).

Meine obtained his master’s degree in Dutch Civil Law and Socio-Economic Law from the University of Groningen. He then completed the Grotius Specialist programme in European and Dutch Competition Law. Meine is a member of the Netherlands Association for Information Technology and Law (NVvIR). Meine chairs the Arbitration Committee of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (LSA) and the Disciplinary Committee of the Royal Netherlands Icehockey Federation (KNIJB). He is a member of the Board of Appeal of the Royal yacht club “de Kaag” and of the Council of Appeal of the organisation for the conservation of traditional Dutch vessels (SSRP).


  • Recommended for Industry focus: Information technology - The Legal 500, 2023
  • "Meine Dijkstra excels in IT law and data analytics, in transactional and dispute matters." - The Legal 500, 2022