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We have been the permanent legal adviser to Dutch governmental and local authorities in the public domain for many years. We advise on general corporate law issues, privatisations, structuring, public-private partnerships and (state) participations. Pels Rijcken also has a history of assisting public and private parties in the area of public shareholdings. We are the best adviser for matters concerning governance, integrity, resolution of disputes, and the sale of participating interests.

Public Shares Monitor

Each year, Pels Rijcken’s Corporate/M&A practice publishes the Public Shares Monitor (Publieke Aandelen Monitor - PAM) each year , working in collaboration with Deloitte Corporate Finance and The Boston Consulting Group. In PAM, we present the latest trends and developments in the field of participating interests. We map Dutch public ownership based on a current and appealing theme.

You can download PAM 2018 here, which is dedicated to the energy transition.