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As the government, you have various means at your disposal for implementing your policy. Funds are increasingly being created to finance or stimulate a policy-related activity or sectors. Examples include improving sustainability and environmental friendliness, investing in the quality of art and culture, and support for the SME sector.

When setting up and structuring a fund, numerous social and administrative interests must be considered. For example, democratic control of the allocation of funds must be maintained while decisions need to be made regarding the financing and the revolving nature of the fund. Other strategic questions include whether the fund will grant subsidies, whether the fund should be remote and what requirements apply to the fund manager.

Our expertise

Because of our track record and expertise, we regularly are called upon to guide the government and government agencies through the process of setting up and organising a fund. Together with you, our experts will explore the options available for fleshing out your administrative wishes and needs. As a sparring partner, we will brainstorm with you on issues including governance, financial and other supervision, state support, and various aspects of subsidy law and procurement law.

The Funds team can justifiably boast of an abundance of expertise and experience in the public domain. We know the political dynamics and decision-making processes like the backs of our hands and will work with you towards effective decision-making.

If you are considering setting up a fund, it is important to explore the legal options. The earlier this exploration, the wider the range of choices for the fund. It would be our pleasure to brainstorm with you about your wishes and needs in a manner that is easily accessible. During these brainstorm sessions we will discuss areas that need to be addressed when setting up a fund and explain the specific steps that can lead to effective decision-making.

If you are interested in an informal meeting or would like more information about our Funds team, please feel free to contact us.