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Wemmeke Wisman

Advocaat • partner

Wemmeke Wisman is advocaat sinds 1998. Zij is gespecialiseerd in het voeren van (complexe) civiele procedures met (internationaal) publiekrechtelijke aspecten. Tot haar cliënten behoren diverse ministeries, lagere overheden en (beursgenoteerde) bedrijven. Wemmeke staat zowel in als buiten rechte commerciële instellingen bij op het gebied van aansprakelijkheidsrecht en contractenrecht. Verder procedeert zij voor de Belastingdienst in civiele zaken en behandelt zij zaken over de immuniteit van vreemde staten en over de teruggave van oorlogskunst.

Wemmeke studeerde Nederlands recht (civiel recht en strafrecht) aan de Universiteit Leiden. Daarnaast studeerde zij cum laude af in de klassieke talen. In 2011 rondde zij de bachelor fiscaal recht cum laude af. Aan het Amsterdams ADR Instituut volgde zij de mediationopleiding. Wemmeke is secretaris van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Procesrecht, lid van de Nederlandse Juristen-Vereniging, de Vereniging Kunst Cultuur Recht en de Nederlandse Vereniging van Advocaten-Belastingkundigen.


  • "Wemmeke Wisman is a seasoned and acclaimed trial litigator. Her strategic vision and ability to read judges is second to none, and I doubt there is anyone else in the market with so much courtroom experience." - The Legal 500, 2024
  • "Wemmeke Wisman is a litigation expert who often acts in civil procedures concerning the fundamental right to medical treatment." - The Legal 500, 2024
  • "Wemmeke Wisman has a great ability to read and lead judges." Chambers Europe, 2024
  • "She is very good, very impressive, very analytical and very thorough." - Chambers Europe, 2024
  • “Wemmeke Wisman has a great ability to read and lead judges.” - Chambers Global, 2024
  • “She is very good, very impressive, very analytical and very thorough.” - Chambers Global, 2024
  • "Wemmeke provides solid, clear and useful legal advice. She listens and is clearly open to input. She is committed to obtaining the best outcome for her clients." - Chambers Europe, 2023
  • "Wemmeke Wisman is an outstanding lawyer who gives practical and solid legal advice. She adds value and is outstanding in representing her clients in court proceedings." - The Legal 500, 2023
  • "Wemmeke Wisman is a top-notch litigator who is down to earth, easy and fun to work with. She has represented the Dutch State in a number of high-profile matters." - The Legal 500, 2023
  • "Sharp-minded and strong litigator" - The Legal 500, 2023
  • "Wemmeke Wisman is extremely good at her job. She is a positive and pleasant person to work with. She is cooperative and takes into consideration the needs and opinions of the client. Wemmeke perfectly knows the working of a government and how to handle the political stakes. Therefore, she always knows exactly what to do, and which questions are the ones to ask before taking the right steps." - The Legal 500, 2023