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Erik Koppe

11 December 2020

Erik Koppe joined the Civil Litigation and Arbitration department of Pels Rijcken as an associate in 2019. He is involved in the general civil litigation and advisory practice and has a specific interest in the application of rules of public international law within the framework of Dutch tort law. He has represented the State of the Netherlands in a number of civil cases involving issues of human rights law, consular law, and humanitarian law, including cases litigated under the revised collective action legislation which entered into force on 1 January 2020.

Erik Koppe obtained his law degrees at the University of Groningen and his doctorate (cum laude) at the same university. His doctoral thesis was published with Hart Publishing in 2008. After obtaining his doctorate degree in 2006 he worked as an associate in the dispute resolution practice group of a multinational law firm in Amsterdam and as an assistant professor of public international law at Leiden Law School. He has published in English on a wide variety of issues including corporate social and environmental responsibility, the law relating to international arbitration and the scope of jurisdiction of States under public international law. He is an associate editor of the Netherlands International Law Review. Erik Koppe is fluent in English.