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Martijn Scheltema: 'Driven by combination of legal issues and social developments'

28 February 2024

The Chambers Global Guide 2024 has been announced. Six lawyers from Pels Rijcken have been included because they are leading in their work according to their clients and relations. We asked them to look both back and ahead. Read the story of Martijn Scheltema, Business & Human Rights Law - Global Market Leaders 2024.

A nice spot on the rankings. What does that mean for you?
It is nice to get a band 1 ranking. It is not just a recognition of individual success, but the increase in the number of ranked individuals in this field also reflects the increasing legal importance of this subject.

What was an important development in your work in 2023?
A key development in 2023 was the negotiation and decision-making process for the European regulations relating to Business & Human Rights: the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), which has now entered into force.

What legal challenge has affected many of your clients this year?
This year, many clients are faced with implementation challenges due to the CSRD. Although some clients have already made some progress, implementation appears to be an issue. There is still much uncertainty about how they should interpret the legislation and implement it.

Name a publication by a colleague that helped you step it up!
Edward Brans' publications on climate have caught my attention.[1] The strong connection between human rights and climate is evident in these publications. It is interesting to see how these topics are intertwined and how they mutually influence each other.

The reviews are laudatory. What are the driving forces behind this for you?
If we as a society do not want a competitive advantage to be enabled because of, for example, human rights violations and disregard for environmental impact, then we must properly regulate and organise this together. There is still much to be gained there. There are more regulations and legislation, and there are an increasing number of companies that, in addition to being profit-driven, aim for added social value. What drives me personally is to use my legal expertise to contribute for companies and governments that are working on this. It brings my interest in legal issues together with my personal desire to contribute to social development on human rights and the environment.

What (new) book will we ever read from your hand?
It will be a book in which I address (upcoming) national and European regulations in this field.

[1] See, for example, Brans, E. (2022). Climate Change Liability, Negative Emissions and Biodiversity Restoration. Case note on: District Court The Hague , 26/05/21 (Milieudefensie/Shell). Journal for European Environmental and Planning Law, 19(4), 311-336.
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