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Martijn Scheltema delivers the keynote at PLWF conference

17 October 2019

Martijn Scheltema has delivered the keynote at the PLWF, a platform established by Dutch banks and institutional investors advertising and facilitating living wage (www.livingwage.nl), conference at Robeco in Rotterdam on October 9. The international conference has been attended by over 100 multinational corporations, banks, institutional investors, NGOs and governments. He has elaborated on legal aspects of living wage and more specifically on international (binding) regulation prescribing living wage payment also in countries in which the minimum wage is lower. As living wage is an enabling factor for enjoyment of human and workers’ rights, it has a clear connection with human and workers’ rights and, thus, with human rights due diligence which is or will become obligatory in several countries. Furthermore, he has explained that contractual mechanisms may play a role in developing a business case for living wages.