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ImpactCity interviews Iman Brinkman about energy transition

19 November 2020

The Hague, traditionally the number one location for energy businesses in the Netherlands, is also rapidly transforming itself into a hotspot for the energy transition. As ImpactCity, the municipality of The Hague is committed to developing the sustainable energy sector. In the form of a series of interviews with key players and innovators in the field of energy transition, ImpactCity weekly portrays the activities in the The Hague area in de field of new energy. What do they think for example of The Hague as a working and living location and city for energy innovation? Last week ImpactCity published an interview with our energy partner Iman Brinkman. In this interview, Iman explains that he is convinced that the Netherlands could become as successful in the sustainable energy sector as in agri-food and that the Hague will be at the centre of this development.

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