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Gerrit-Jan Zwenne appointed professor at Open University

14 March 2023
Gerrit-Jan Zwenne

Gerrit-Jan Zwenne will be appointed professor of Data Protection in Dutch legal practice at the Faculty of Law by the Executive Board of the Open University on 1 June 2023. Gerrit-Jan will be part of the private law, data protection and privacy law section within this faculty.

Gerrit-Jan Zwenne is an authoritative lawyer in the field of privacy and data protection law. He has extensive experience in the field of internet and telecommunications law and the legal issues surrounding blockchain, the cloud, and sensor data. Gerrit-Jan uses his knowledge and expertise to advise trade associations, multinationals, start-ups, regulatory authorities, and many governments on digitisation. Gerrit-Jan has been a lawyer and partner at Pels Rijcken since 2018. In addition, he is the Professor of Law and Digital technologies at Leiden University.

Chairman of the Board Sandra van Heukelom-Verhage: "We are very pleased with the appointment of Gerrit-Jan as professor. This appointment is a confirmation of our expertise in the field of privacy and data protection, united in our Innovation, Privacy and Technology section. Furthermore, people like Gerrit-Jan also contribute to Pels Rijcken's scientific profile."

In addition to Gerrit-Jan, three other professors are associated to Pels Rijcken. Edward Brans is Professor of Sustainability and Environmental Liability at the Faculty of Law, Economics, Administration and Organisation of Utrecht University, Marianne Hirsch Ballin is Professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law at VU University Amsterdam and Martijn Scheltema is Professor of Private Law at Erasmus University.

Also read the reports on the appointment of Gerrit-Jan on the Open University website (in Dutch):