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Infrastructure and Asset Management

Dutch legislation regarding the construction and management of new and existing roads, railways and civil engineering structures is strict. The planning and environmental law attorneys at Pels Rijcken are specialists in the field of infrastructure and mobility. They will help you execute your mobility project, whether you require advice on the renovation of an existing tunnel within the framework of the Dutch Tunnel Safety Act, the widening of a motorway or the construction of a railroad track or light railway.

We consider the issue in the broader context of accessibility solutions.

Infrastructure & Mobility attorneys

Our attorneys facilitate the progress and execution of your infrastructure or mobility project. Their involvement often begins in the preliminary phase. They can assist you with the following:

  • advising on the draft decision
  • providing continuous legal assessment of the process
  • assisting in the decision-making process
  • representing you before the administrative courts including the district court and Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Council of State.

Our team has specialist know-how, and takes all legal aspects into account when assessing the project design, including possible alternatives, noise pollution, air quality, transport volume values and road safety.

Crisis and Recovery Act: projects fast-tracked

The Crisis and Recovery Act can lead to infrastructure and mobility projects being fast-tracked, shortening otherwise lengthy procedures. Making choices quickly is essential, but it is important to keep the legal aspects in mind. Working with our attorneys on the Spatial Planning and Environment team, we will help you ensure that your fast-tracked project runs smoothly.

Infrastructure projects

Infrastructure projects in which Pels Rijcken’s specialists have recently played an important role:
Route decision for the Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere project, including the new railway bridge at Muiderberg

  • Provincial zoning amendment plan for the Rhineland Route
  • Zoning plan for the Hoekse Lijn railway extension
  • Zoning plan and integrated environmental permit for Bleizo Transport Node.